Stu sat down with John Lindvey of Big Sushi FM last week to discuss games, their tropes and baggage, and how to open up a new kind of gameplay to those unfamiliar with traditional gaming mechanics. 

From the Big Sushi Site:

"One of the most magical takeaways I had on the podcast was discussing Proteus with it’s creator, Ed Key; how the world all felt very deliberate and alive, even though it was entirely procedurally generated. It still stands as a testament to me as how good procedural generations can be, as well as a constant reminder of how many procedurally generated games often fall short on creating a world that feels deliberate and alive and not just the result of lines of code. In Shape of the World Stu told me that he is doing a hybrid approach. The world, the rocks, continents, islands, mountains are all placed by him, creating a space specifically designed for players to explore, however the vegetation, the wildlife grows around you is all through procedural generations. In this respect, Shape of the World is looking to merge what I love about Proteus unique, chaotic, and individual experience with that of deliberate, curated, and explicit nature of Ultraworld."

Read more of John' summary here and give the episode a listen.