GDC Houdini Reel

We aren't able to personally attend GDC this year but we will be there in spirit. Shape of the World was featured as part of Houdini's Demo Reel this year, highlighting the ways Houdini can be used to make procedural models on reduce schedules and budgets. A good thing indeed for indies.

Our friend Stephen Tucker at Allegro Digital made all the procedural models for the seeds you collect in the game, making it quick to do multiple variations on each one. You can read a little bit about his process on his blog here

Check out the Houdini folk at GDC if you are there and say hi for us!

Houdini and Houdini Engine are being used by AAA and Indie game devs to create stunning gameplay and feature-film quality cinematics. Hear from industry professionals as they discuss the benefits of going procedural with Houdini. SideFX is bringing Houdini and Houdini Engine to this year's Game Developers Conference and Exhibition taking place in San Francisco. Visit us in Booth #302 to learn more and to watch presentations from industry experts and SideFX product specialists. Learn more here:
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