Alpha is Complete!

We’ve been working hard since the new year and Alpha is now officially complete! We are sending it out to our extended team and a healthy dose of trusted companions to help us gather feedback. Now we move on to the Beta build, which we plan to release to our Kickstarter backers.


What's in the Alpha Build?

The game is great fun from start to finish - nine distinct and colorful areas to discover and explore. We’ve added a ton of assets to populate the world. It’s bursting with plants, animals, monuments and a few surprises along the way. There are lot of practical, non-glamorous features too: menus, settings, save points, etc. Our talented artist Brent Silk has composed an incredible, dynamic soundtrack throughout, and he’s currently making it even more responsive.

Onward to Beta!

We will update you all when we have an estimated date for Beta. Until then, we will leave you with a few screenshots. Be sure to follow @shapeoftheworld on Twitter, where we’ve been posting lots of little animated snippets of the game as it progresses.

Thanks for following along on our Dev Blog.



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