EGX 2017

Although we weren’t able to attend in person, we were well represented this year at EGX, the UK’s Biggest Games Event. Steve Filby, our marketing guru, showed off Shape of the World as part of the Leftfield Collection, an eclectic selection of indie games “that do things a little differently.” That definitely sounds like where we fit in.

We were thrilled to hear that our trippy lush games resonated with fans and made several “Best Of” EGX lists. Thanks to Console Toi, Fngr Gns, and the Mirror UK for including us on their lists alongside many other great games. 

Fans also responded well to the immersive soundtrack created by Brent Silk. We can't wait for you to hear it in its entirety when we release it alongside with the game early next year.

It’s a safe bet that you’ll grab the album at the same time as the game.
— Thomas Gibert, Console Toi
Photo by the Mirror UK

Photo by the Mirror UK

Stuart MaxwellComment